Quality Assurance

We adhere to strict quality Assurance/Risk Management Principles:

Compliance with Pre-release peer review to ensure quality work product, verification of methods, assumptions, calculations, etc.
Compliance with standards and the best practices and relevant legal and regulatory requirements
Well-defined governance structure and responsibilities

The Quality Assurance procedures at SHAW include the followings:

Signatory Authority Levels

Our consultants are assigned signatory authority levels based on training and experience, and subject to regular review. This determines the Project risk levels they can handle and the supervisory requirements.

Peer Review

Peer review of work, or one or more parts of a piece of work, is performed by at least one other appropriately qualified individual (other than the Project supervisor), for the purpose of providing assurance as to the quality of the work in question.

Compliance Monitoring (Post-release Peer Review)

Regular post-release peer review to ensure compliance with internal and professional standards from project initiation through to completion covering procedural, technical, reporting and documentation standards.